Attendance Management System (AMS)

Attendance Management System (AMS)

Have you ever wanted the convenient way to track attendance of your classroom? We have a solution for you! Our SMARTID Attendance Management System is an unattended system that helps you to simplify the tiresome task of keeping attendance!

Recently, a few schools in Malaysia has implemented biometric finger print scanner to keep track of student’s attendance. However, many facing thumbprint woes, as students may have get their fingers oily, greasy and get papercut. This may not be possible for the print reader to scan. Students also facing long queues to scan their fingerprints on the system which is not very practical.

Hence, we introduce our SMARTID Attendance Management System to solve these issues which we implement RFID-based school attendance. No more thumbprint woes and long queues!



Automate/Unattended System

The attendance is taking efficiently using beacons

Accurate and timely attendance

Card can be used to track and monitor attendance and situational position in real time.


Admin Management

This system capable to manage registration and admission process.

Profile Management

Every user has unique login ID to access the system.

Parent Access

Parent can view the attendance of  their children in school