App Messaging

App Messaging

In these changing times, mobile apps have become highly useful for schools by offering innovative ways to promote teacher-parent engagement and provide them with news and updates. Communication, which plays a key role in the efficient management of any organization, must be speedy, straightforward, and transparent. With a wide variety of school apps available in the market, it’s difficult to find out the best one which suits your needs.

SMARTID App Messaging is a single platform for managing education activities using social collaboration technology. This app connects parents, teachers, and students on school-related matters.


Simpler Way To Communicate

Share updates and resources instantly with the teachers, parents and students.


Automate System

Uses wrist tag and ID Card  to track attendance.

Integrated with E-Wallet

Audited Student Purchase by Date, Items and Cost



Secure one-to-one messaging between parents and teachers

Integrated with AMS

Attendance notifications are sent automatically to Parent and Teachers.