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Aesthetic redesign of PointGate Website

  We are currently redesigning our website to look a little bit more modern, and hopefully, more pleasing to the eye. We have completed quite a huge chunk of  foundational aspect of site but there’s still ways to go as we’re […]

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Official Project Handover – MKN National Disaster Command Center Project

PointGate has recently concluded it’s official handover of the MKN National Disaster Command CenterProject which included many very high-profile, high priority components for the project, including a Command and Control Center as well as the the National Disaster Management System, to […]

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Company Trip to Kraabi, Thailand 2015

  On March 19th 2015, for all those willing and able, PointGate staff and their respective families were flewn to Kraabi, Thailand for a much deserved and required RnR  of 4 days 3 nights, an event promising to be fun and with a whole lot […]

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