We are currently redesigning our website to look a little bit more modern, and hopefully, more pleasing to the eye. We have completed quite a huge chunk of  foundational aspect of site but there’s still ways to go as we’re planning to add some really cool stuff. So while the cool stuff is, well, cool but what we really want to offer is insight and information to our visitors and we’re now gearing towards that. A lot of organizing of information is going to be done.

We’re sure you will encounter pages which are not complete and standby data and pictures. Please bear with us, this will not take too long. We want the site to be up, warts and all and let you in on the process. We’re in the midst re-organizing the information so that it will be more streamlined and easier to access.

So, today we’re opening up our site to public. It will have some placeholders but not for long. We should be up and running fully by next week.

Till then, Thank you so much for your patience.