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Paving the way in Information Technology since 1998. We specialise in App Development, Command & Control and Data Centres. Upgrading your infrastructure is our biggest priority

Premium App Development

We create Premium Build Apps like E-Golf and Smart ID with intense care and focus on quality that are customized for layered delivery

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ideological approach




Our approach in creating our powerful premium build products is to rely on our foundation of precision crafting and planning which allows  the flow of creativity to flourish, giving us the edge.

smart id

Smart Identification System that can be utilised in schools and other bordered environments which prioritizes security. Allows cashless transactions, private group communications, tracking and more.

premium apps

Cashless Transactions, Attendance, Tournament Management, Point of Sales, Smart Identification, Group and Smart Individual & Group Communications


Full fledged premium clubhouse management system that is feature rich. From cashless transactions, Tournament Building, Rental Management to Inventory Management & Tracking and a whole lot more

We Believe EXEMPlaRY skills translate into exceptional productivity

Multi Disciplinary with precise focus utilising custom development tools for innovative and creative solutions creation and delivery

wan morhakim mokhtar

Chief Executive Officer

Believes wholeheartedly that a hands on approach in all aspects, be it management or technical matters, fosters a comprehensively complete communication and planning advantage with no lag.

Suresh kumar pillai

Chief of Operations

With almost 30 years experience in design and project management, approaches every project with determination and creativity, aided by experience in a multitude of diciplines.

rosli yusoff

Chief Technical Officer

Extensively skilled and possessive of a huge reservoir of technical knowledge allows Rosli to pursue technical excellence with relative ease especially in the area of app and web development with special care towrads management of resources and intelligent coding.

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We are currently re-designing and re-building PointGate.net from the ground up. You will probably encounter some pages which are not complete yet. Not to worry, it will be up very soon. In the mean time, the main page is up and ready and will continue...

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